About Sewverlander

We are a family that like’s to make stuff.  Sewverlander was started as a way to offer items to those who want to upgrade their vehicle camping experience.  While we aren’t initially releasing soft products, we do have some under development.

Improve "Things"

Like you, we often find “things” that can be improved.  We wanted to create real solutions to solve real problems.  Our designs undergo many hours of fitment and practical testing to ensure the idea is solid and ready for your vehicle.  We wouldn’t offer gear unless we would use it ourselves.  In addition to the utility of our products, we will often have some level of customization to offer.  We know that one size does not fit all.

Our Mission

Our mission at Sewverlander is to produce quality products that will improve your vehicle camping experience.  Currently, while new products are being prototyped, we use domestic and international sources.  As we develop products, production capabilities, sourcing USA made only materials will be a goal.

You Should Know

We value your experience with our products and want you to be completely satisfied.  If you have concerns or suggestions for our product, please let us know.